Elena and Lotta

What an adventure! The
boat, the people and the places. I went into this without a clear idea
of who, why, what and how. My expectations? I wanted to learn sailing,
see new countries and challenge myself with living on a small boat with
others for longer and shorter periods. 

Sailing on Lotta

Lotta is a nice boat with
character! We are unique! Coming together with other sailing boats in
harbours and anchorages we realized that people are looking at our steal
boat and give us lots of compliments. Often, we can’t really give them
back because most of the sailors we meet have common white boring
plastic boats.

Seasickness sometimes makes me
angry against Lotta. Also, that she always needs to be fixed somewhere.
But that is the work, which needs to be done to deserve the beautiful
panoramic view from deck. Simon and David worked a lot on their home. A
home they keep open for everyone! They taught me how to sail and how to
be confident with the things I already know. So, I even got the
responsibility to be a leader on a shift between Martinique and

New countries

Before I started this journey,
I have not been further away from home then Iceland. Europe was my
destination for holidays. So, with this adventure I started to explore
the places further than Europe. 

On the boat, we usually arrive
slow. The unique way of traveling is also a unique way of arriving at
our destination. We mostly arrive in the morning. First you see the
shape of the land. Then the hills get colour and we grab the binoculars
and search for the masts in the bay. Slowly we sail inside and drop
the anchor. Sometimes only the next day we take the dinghy and row on
shore to set foot on the new land to discover.

I saw more than ten different
countries. Each one has a very different character. Europe is well
organized, Morocco is serious, Suriname is weird, Tobago is friendly,
Trinidad is exciting, Grenada is pretty, Guadeloupe is French, Dominica
is natural, Martinique is even more French, Bonaire is beautiful and
Curacao is colourful.


Short friendships

The first impression in a new
country is always interesting. Once we got basically picked up by a
local guide one mile out of the coast. After we anchored we already
bought the flag of Dominica from another local guide before we even set
foot on land. Morocco welcomed us with five officials on our boat.
Serious but after having some chocolate and melon really nice. Arriving
in Store Bay we already made friends with our Dutch neighbours before we
even cleaned up our sails.

There were lots of welcoming
people, locals, officials and other sailors. All those conversations
brought us to nice snorkeling spots, good restaurants, helped us avoided
any type of problems with the officials, and we made many friends. I
have meet funny, scary, crazy and sweet characters. This is what makes
my adventure unique, the people I meet along the way.

David, Jesper and Simon are
working hard. They are teaching, organizing, cooking, planning,
suffering and a lot more to make this adventure not only for them, but
also for all the crew members safe and unique. I saw it every day and
until now, after just 6 months, there where 19 other people part of this
journey, which could enjoy the live on Lotta. They all could probably
say the same: Thank you David, Jesper and Simon for your hard work.

I’m looking forward to my next trip on Lotta.


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