Birthday at sea

A little over a year ago, me and my family were contemplating how
my next birthday would be somewhere at sea. We looked up were Lotta
would be at that time: somewhere between Curacao and Jamaica… At that
time, I had no idea how it would be. But then, at this time, that last
birthday seems an eternity ago and half the world away.

We left Aruba 2 days before my birthday. The first day at sea, we
were flying. We made 165 miles in a day, which is close to a record. It
was fairly relaxed, but I was hoping for something a little slower for a
birthday. Then, the wind slowed down steadily. The second day was still
fast, but now with more sails set. The night before we had al sails set
in about 10 knots of wind on a beam reach. The waves were tiny, the
moon was full. The perfect night for baking! In our first night watch, I
made brownies and a bread, in the second one an apple pie (as I havent
had apple pie since we left, I was very excited for it).

At sunrise, we had a peace of pie for breakfast, they sang a song and
celebrated me. Than Coby and me went to bed. I was allowed to sleep
until 12, but at 10:30 I was awake again and very excited to get up.
When I did, I found Jojo, Tessa and Coby putting the candles in a
another, new pie and hanging garlands. Everything else was ready set for
a surprise birthday wake-up! Although I did break the surprise a little
by getting up to soon, it was still a super nice birthday. I got to
blow out the candles (approximately 27 but I m getting too old to really
count 🙁 🙁 ), eat 3 types of pie, they sang at least twice, and I got a few gifts and letters from home!

The rest of the day was purely relaxed. Litte wind, no waves. Bright
blue sky, sunny. I sat on the spreaders to see the sails set from above,
and lookout for whales and dolphins. We played a game, had a
gingerbeer. What more can you wish for?

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