The boat


Loa x B x D : 13 m x 3,70 m x 1,70 m (L=11,20)

Year: 1980

Material: steel

Weight: 13t

Engine: DAF 80 hp

Rigging: Ketch

Beds: 6


The sailing gene clearly skipped one generation in my family. My granddad loved sailing but my parents were, unfortunately, not as passionate. When I was 15 I decided to try it out and went to a sailing summer camp. Ever since then my love for sailing has grown. I was lucky to have Simon as a friend who took me on amazing trips on a traditional skûtsje. Dreams of bigger trips slowly began to form and after a lot of dreaming and talking, these plans are now finally becoming a reality!


So i learned sailing when i was little, but i only started properly sailing when i was introduced to the skutsje Vriendschap, and started sailing with them on the Waddenzee. I love the sense of freedom and adventure it gives to just set out and sail away, knowing you can go wherever you want. This is also the feeling that made me love hitchhiking, this next to sailing my favourite way of travelling.

Besides sailing i love making or fixing stuff. Doesn’t matter in which context. I think anything that you make or repair yourself is worth at least twice as much, even if it doesn’t necessarily work as well. Very often it works better though, because factor made thing are optimised for mass-producability, and not for durability. And of course, you can repair it again because you know how it works.

I am very much looking forward to alternating the ultimate peace on the ocean with the exciting interestingness, of new cultures everywhere.



I m Simon, about to finish my masters in Mechanical engineering. I grew up sailing traditional boats. From this background I slowly developed a huge passion for sailing. Ever since I sailed across the Ocean for the first time in 2010, I have been dreaming about sailing around the world in my own boat. I dreamed about big big 3 masted full rigged ships, a tiny 6 meter boat I would sail solo, and everything in between. I dreamed from sailing cargo, sailing passengers up and down the central American coast or sailing Volvo ocean races. But now all these dreams have combined into something rather solid. Now we have a boat, we have a crew, we have a plan!