Hello and welcome to our website sailing around.earth. We’re three friends that all dreamed of sailing around the earth one day. Fall 2016 we bought a beautiful sailboat, a Colin Archer design. We spend two years fixing her up to get ready for our big trip, while finishing university and earning some money. Afterwards, we started our trip and sailed more than halfway around, to Australia. Then, corona came, and we had to pause our trip, and now we are planning to start again!

On the way, we are joined by friends and family, changing crew every 3 to 4 weeks. On the website you can read a blog, see some pictures and follow us on the map.

The website has been completely deleted, so some parts may be very old or missing, but we are working on it.

Our boat

Our boat was build in 1980. The previous owner built her all by himself from scratch following the famous Colin Archer design and making some adjustments to make the boat more comfortable. The original design for instance features a separated back cabin and a Ketch rigging with a 13m front mast. For more comfort and better performance the back cabin was connected and both masts were replaced with bigger ones. Her original name was Florijn, but we renamed her Lotta. So far, Lotta has treated us very good. She handles the waves really nicely, its dry and sheltered and feels very safe. She may be heavy, but the high masts make up a good deal. And, whats most, we feel like we could trust her in any kind of weather or stressful situation.