Hello and welcome to our website sailing around.earth. We're a group of four friends that all dreamed about sailing around the earth one day. Right now this dream is becoming reality. This fall we bought a beautiful sailboat, a Colin Archer design, that  we're fixing up to get ready for our big trip. Our goal is to sail the earth in over two years with a crew of friends and people that we meet along the way. On this website you can read more about us, the project and our plan.


Our boat

Our boat was build 35 years ago. The owner built her all by himself from scratch following the famous Colin Archer design and making some adjustments to make the boat more comfortable. The original design for instance features a separated back cabin and a Ketch rigging with a 13m front mast. For more comfort and better performance the back cabin was connected and both masts were replaced with bigger ones. The ship will have lots of modern comfort while still respecting the tradition of sailing. 


I've been sailing for most of my life. In my childhood I took sailingclasses and sailed a lot with friends on small boats al over Holland. Later on I sailed on bigger boats and made trips to England and Scandinavia and Greece. read more about Martijn


  I'm Simon, about to finish my masters in Mechanical engineering. I grew up sailing traditional boats. From this background I slowly developed a huge passion for sailing. read more about Simon


So i learned sailing when i was little, but i only started properly sailing when i was introduced to the skutsje Vriendschap, and started sailing with them on the Waddenzee. I love the sense of freedom and adventure it gives to just set out and sail away, read more about David



The sailing gene clearly skipped one generation in my family. My granddad loved sailing but my parents were, unfortunately, not as passionate. When I was 15 I decided to try it out and went to a sailing summer camp. read more about Jesper


Are you interested to sail with us around the world? Are you in posession of a handy pair of hands and want or help smarten up the boat? Or do you want to be updated on what we do? Just let us know!